Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hypno Pocus...

(My first english hypno-erotic short story... I wrote in a train on my way home from work)

Michelle and Sarah, two girls in the early twenties came home. Tracy their roommate sat in front of her desk deeply studying an ancient looking book. She was kind of a nerd reading all these books about the dark ages, witches and sorcerers! While the two other girls went out nearly every night to meet boys, she never had a boyfriend...

But even though they were so different, they were really good friends and Michelle and Sarah always told Tracy everything about their little adventures.

This evening as well and Michelle and Sarah were joking about the strange date with two boys at a bar where they visited a "stage hypnosis show". As soon as they mentioned the Hypnotist and his show, Tracy was unusually attentive. Something must really interests her about this Hypnosis act or Hypnosis in general... It could not be that she was interested in the boys or how they looked like.

Tracy asked a lot, for example if the girls did participate, what did not happened, the two girls thought. But Sarah told that Michelle was kind of absent after the Hypnotist entranced the volunteers on stage. She also had to say that she did not remember all that happened this evening, especially the time after the show... the first thing that came back to her memory was when they left the bar with these two strangely behaving, laughing boys they will never meet again.

"You were under... I am pretty sure", Tracy said. Michelle and Sarah laughed but became more and more insecure, because they could not recall what they did for a time of nearly two hours... "But no problem! I can help you to remember anything because I know how to hypnotize people, too!", Tracy said very confident.

Michelle and Sarah looked at each other and immediately started to laugh while Tracy seemed to search something at a lower drawer of her desk. "Got it", she said and presented a shiny pendant to the girls. They couldn't believe what happened and Michelle shouted kind of snotty: "This Hocus Pocus is not working... it must have been something to do with to many drinks!".

"Anyway", Tracy insisted, "if it was the drinks or Hypnosis, we will know in a few minutes... Just trust me and let me show you what I learned a few years ago."

"We have got nothing to lose", Sarah said and Michelle agreed because she did not want to discuss this anymore! "The girls will see that it won't work on me", she thought!

Tracy asked Michelle and Sarah to sit on their couch and stood right in front of them, playing with the pendant while she explained what the two girls should do next: "Just do nothing, relax, watch the little shiny pendant which will help you to relax and listen to me... you will see that nothing is easier as to listen to me and watch the pendant as it goes back and forth, like the thoughts come and go, like you breath in and out... so easy... so relaxing... such a nice warm feeling... Nothing else matters... just my words... and the pendant... it's so easy to let go ... to loose control... to let me guide you... to listen to my words and let them stream through your body and mind... and when you inhale and exhale you become more and more relaxed... kind of sleepy... drowsy... relaxed... IN and OUT... more and more... like to rhythm of the swinging pendant... back and forth... sleepier... and sleepier. Michelle and Sarah went under very easy while everything around got hazy... Tracy's voice seemed to fade away and the last thing they heard was: "Sleep!" Immediately they went into a deep trance and Tracy knew that this happened because they have been hypnotized before...

To prove that she was able to hypnotized them, she gave Michelle a trigger to get her out of trance and back quick: "Michelle, when I touch your forehead, you will be wide awake and will realize anything that happens. You will remain in a hypnotic trance and when I say the word DOLL you will go back into a deep sleep, ten times deeper than now." She touches Michelle's forehead and she opened her eyes, realizing that Sarah was in a deep trance... "Ok, that worked on her, but as you see, I cannot be hypnotized..."

Tracy smiled and ask Michelle what kind of evidence she would like to see? "Dunno", Michelle replied, "anything that I would never do... make me do things I would never do!?"... "Deal!", Tracy said. "And now be my DOLL"... and Michelle went back into trance.

"My dear roommates", Tracy commands, "I will count back from five to one and with each number you will get more and more into love with each other. When I reach the number one you will wake up and you will be so horny, that you want to kiss each other as sexy and horny as the hottest lesbians ever. With each number you will lose any inhibitions and kiss each other veryyyy passionate!" But you will be still hypnotized and when I say the word DOLL you will go back to this wonderful hypnotic, but a hundred times deeper than now.

She counted slowly and in a seductive way down from five to one. And as soon as they opened their eyes, Michelle and Sarah begin to share hot and wet kisses. Tracy felt her own blood pounding through her veins and thought about what she could do now with her beautiful friends. "See, Michelle, this is what you asked for... don't you agree, that this demonstrates that you you are under my hypnotic power?!" Michelle tried to answer, but she was not able to stop kissing the sweet lips of her girl friend... "DOLL... and sleep deeper and deeper", Tracy said, having the next idea in mind...

"Michelle, when I touch you forehead, you will be wide awake and you remember the words "hypno pocus"... and as soon as you hear this word, you will see how a nice cock will grow between Sarah legs... You want to lick and suck this cock so intensely and you begin to kiss it softly. With the word "Doll" you will get back into this deep relaxed hypnosis state... Do you understand?!" Michelle nodded and the next trick worked, too: Tracy said "Hocus Pocus" and Michelle started to suck the non existing cock between Sarah's legs.The atmosphere in the room was hot, overwhelming and Tracy couldn't help but to touch herself because of this picture of Michelle and Sarah...

She took her cell phone and shot a video of this scene and asked Michelle what she was doing. And she just said: "I love Sarah and her beautiful dick...". "Doll", replied Tracy and Michelle was entranced again.

Tracy did release the two girls after some more naughty tricks and forgot that she originally wanted to check what happened after the hypnosis stage show. But she did not forget to give both girls a trigger to get them back under her control immediately for later occasions...

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