Monday, July 9, 2012

Some thoughts...

It is now more than two weeks ago when I decided to become more active in the (online) hypno fetish community and there are some thoughts coming up which I would like to share.

First of all I have to explain why I write in English and not in my own language. It is due to the fact that the german hypno fetish scene is really small and this kind of "passion" is not very popular. On the other hand there is a strong attitude that hypnosis is no erotic thing. It may be good to work with it on medical and psychological topics but not "for fun"... and as a "sexual thing"? - NO WAY!

So, I searched in the internet for communities, groups or people with the words erotic hypnosis and hypno fetish. Of course the online communities, like inraptured and were the first ones I checked out, but the most influencing site was the blog of sleepingirl.

What she describes and the resources (websites, people, communities) she presents in her blog entries are overwhelming, because it is exactly how I feel and what I would like to experience. 

My first reaction was to get rid off my own shyness and get in touch with people in the different communities. I found some really nice people until now, but I also found out that especially the time difference is a real problem, because I can only communicate (chat, messenger,...) when I am alone, because my wife does not know anything about my fetish (while I know she would not understand it)!

So, I started to express myself in pictures (photo manipulations) and short stories. I wrote some stories more than five years ago and kind of came back to this, because I really enjoy those fantasies.

But today I just feel kind of lost... between my passion, my fantasies and the reality.

I hope this is just a temporary emotion like this strange summer which is not really a summer, when you see the weather here. Do you know what I mean?!

Anyway, I just wanted to point out this and hope it is ok!?

Keep on visiting my blog and I will share what happens to me ...

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  1. :) Thanks much for the shout-out -- that's exactly what I wanted my blog to be for! Glad you're enjoying it.