Friday, August 9, 2013

Watching Streethypnosis...

I just have to write about the situation I saw yesterday during the short trip with my family to our really great capital Berlin.

We walked around and finally came to a nice location called Lustgarten in front of the cathedral "Berliner Dom". This park has some fountains in the center surrounded by nice lawns to sit or lay down and enjoy the nice summer weather.

In the corner of one of the  lawns I discovered three women and a man. All of them in the mid twenties and dressed in an alternative, student-like way, but very attractive. One of the Girl seemed to explain something to the other ones and started to touch the arm of one of the other girls while this girl closed her eyes. I was not able to hear what she said but as soon as the touched girl opened her eyes again she was kind of surprised and laughing. To me it was like she experienced something she never thought it could happen to her.

After that the third girl did the same "touching thing" on the arm of the male of the - let's call it - foursome. He reacted a little more bored, like he expected that "this" will happen, but obviously very interested in the next action of the other two girls.

The woman who seemed to be the leader of the group - I think it could have been a group of students - started to explain something and the other one just nodded a few times and smiled. Then she took the hand like she wanted to do some hand induction, but the other woman laughed and pulled her hand back. I just could read her lips and believe she said something like "...trying to hypnotize me now" (in german of course).

This was not the scene, but an example of how it looked like...
The other one, let's call her "the hypnotist" smiled and explained some things while her subject listened interested, staring at her and her face or look became more and more blank. After a few moments she talked to the other interested watching couple while her subject just sat there looking into nothing - kind of daydreaming.

A minute later the hypnotist took the hand of the subject and all four participants stood up. The "daydreaming" girl obviously still in some sort of trance. They walked away and I thought how much I would love to follow and watch them doing some more hypno things and I even had some more kinky ideas of what they could do.

Anyway, none of my family noticed what I saw and we did some more sightseeing, walking around the part of Berlin where students and artists live and work. One hour after I saw the hypnosis act at the Lustgarten, I saw the hypnotist again and she seemed to walk back to the location where she hypnotized or tranced the one girl. My thoughts and ideas in my head created some really nasty images of a femdom hypnotist who trance people for her own pleasure and they became more intense as I watched her on our way back to the hotel, sitting at Lustgarten with a young couple doing the Butterfly induction with the man while the woman already was under her hypnotic spell...

Update: Look what I found on my cell phone... I really did take a picture of part of the group...

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