Thursday, June 21, 2012


Sorry, but as I am no native speaker, some words could look funny for english speaking readers... But I would like to share my experiences with online hypnosis and role plays I did with a french girl who has the same passion about hypnosis and the combination with stage illusions.

She contact me because of some pictures and notes I left in a yahoo-group. My favorite combination is the levitation illusion with a slow induction, what made her curious and so she asked me if we could talk via messenger.

From the beginning it was a very relaxed and intimate atmosphere and we discovered very soon that there was some strange, very erotic connection between us.

She asked me if I ever tried role plays and explained me how she did it with other partners. I am an open minded guy and asked her just to start with some ideas and very quick we created a nice plot about a magician who met a girl and invited her to his stage illusion show where he levitates her...

During and after the conversation she offered me that this stuff really arouses her and the next time the play was a little more naughty.

Step by step we increased the erotic part of our plays and we integrated some induction parts. We learned a lot together until were able to guide each other into real trances and from time to time to real orgasms.

Sadly some moment she told me that she has to end this kind of relationship, because of private problems and I have to say that I miss our chats and most of all her very much!

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  1. This reminds me of a situation I feels bitter sweet.
    I ended my hypno relations. I had a harmonic rapport with a person.
    We ended the hypno relation in consent in favour of my relationship with my lady.