Monday, July 30, 2012

500 lbs heavyweight... (english version of my hypnosis roundtable experience)

I believe the title is a bit confusing and it does not sound like a story about a relaxing hypnosis session, but I think that it is something many attendees do remember about me that evening. I will not forget it… for sure!

But step by step: I arrived a few minutes before 7 pm as one of the first visitors of this hypnosis round table at the Fetisch-X-Club. I was pretty nervous, because it was not only my first meeting with other people who are interested in hypnosis, but it was the first visit of a BDSM club ...maybe not my last one!

The receptionist was very kind and he explained the special rules for the venue and this event. There is no admission fee but a minimum consumption of 7 Euro and I received a paper card with the prepaid amount on it. I ordered my first coke and watched more and more people coming to the venue. I was introduced to the organizer and he told me that it seems to be an exceptionally well visited event and that I was not the only newbie. To be honest that did not really make it easier for me, because I still felt kind of insecure being surrounded by people who know each other or the other newbies who were accompanied by a friend.

We brought in some more chairs and the organizer started with the first induction. He set three triggers to a girl he seemed to have hypnotized already in the past. Beside the "Sleep" trigger to put her back into trance again and again, her hands were tied on her breast by the word “bound” and as the erotic highlight she felt a sex toy between her legs when he touches his chin. He also told her that this feeling would be more intense when he touches his ear and she will be released when he touches his nose.

After that demonstration one guy who was part of a group hypnotized another curious guy who wanted to know how it feels like to be in a trance. I was a very silent and relaxing atmosphere during the session and everyone followed it very carefully.

I started a conversation with a couple after a short break. The male part, who made some good statements and advices during the session before, was a certified hypnotist and does some stage hypnosis shows. During our conversation he put his girlfriend in trance again and again and I asked what it felt like. Both answered that I should try it and I agreed to be hypnotized.

To get straight to the point: it was amazing, but not what I expected. He asked me to hold my fingertips together and to look at them. He took my arm and led it to a position with the fingers above my head. I stared at my fingers and he suggested that my hand will come closer and closer to my face. And the closer the fingers came the more relaxed I would be, what really happened. As the fingers touched my forehead, I let all just happened and followed his instructions. It was liberating, relaxing and just fun. First my arm was stiff, then incredible heavy and he made me forgetting my own name, that I could not say although I saw it on my ID. The highlight was letting me think to be more than 500 lbs heavy and making me walk around two meters… the hardest 2 meters I do remember!

After the session another guest was hypnotized by this skilled hypnotist and I watched it even  more fascinated and interested.

I talked to other people who attended this event and they seem to be very familiar with all the other guests and very much into BDSM. And that was something really special for me, because I felt really near to all these people. One of them told me, after I explained that BDSM was absolutely new to me, his attitude and something about his experiences and how strong emotion and trust is in this scene.

And here is my problem. At the end of the day I have to say that I could or should not follow this path, because I know that my partner will not have any understanding for it. And as I am not only a loving husband but also loving a father, I should slow down my passion…

PS: I hope you got an impression about my experience… even though I wrote it in my very limited English!

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  1. Your English is great. Thanks for the translation - MUCH better than Google Translate!!! Keep posting.